Some of my Favorite Pieces--Work I am proud to show and share

Pen & Ink Drawing (Yes, Drawing)
of Silverton School  

Family Portrait I put together from
the best of the previous photos

Self Portrait over 20 years old, now
which was a drawing assignment in
a Beginning Drawing Class in

Painting Assignment for a Color and Design Class--Actually
the right half is a collage and you can see where printing
shows through from the glue.  The left half was to be the
mirror-image of the collage.

One of my few paintings--I am proud of this,
but I am actually more enamored with drawing.

It's too small to see well, but the right-hand, small image is
the motorcycle gas tank I painted Gandolf on.  The owner's
"handle," was, "The Wizard," and this was a drawing from a
small picture found in a TV Guide originally from an ani-
mated version of, "The Lord of the Rings."

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  1. From what I see,you are a good artist.Many of your pictures are shown as blank though.